Our Story

Excited about its potential, they both went to work. They immediately sought out successful people to learn from, hoping to avoid the pitfalls of trial and error. They did! They found someone that had broken just about every record in the Direct Sales industry. They were quick studies, and now have a combined 35 years of experience. Using their applied knowledge, Paul & Stacey have not only been top distributors in two other companies, but have used their training to create multi-million dollar businesses outside the industry.

In 2008 Paul & Stacey took the concept of in-home gold parties and founded a company that, within 12 months, dominated the industry in the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico and is still thriving today. But Paul and Stacey weren’t done sharing their knowledge and expertise. They have always had a desire to build a Cooperative Marketing company that would go above and beyond, focusing on the key areas of

Paul & Stacey have now done just that! Our Hearts Desire is an unprecedented opportunity that has been 20 years in the making. A company that will always be moving forward with the knowledge that the world changes every day. Our Hearts Desire will change and adapt to the desires of customers, consultants and working with their top leaders who understand what it means to work as a team. They have put together The Opportunity Of A Lifetime for anyone who has the desire to get more out of life!


Founded by Paul & Stacey Mikel, Our Heart’s Desire wants to help you find your passion in life, your purpose and ultimately, help you get what your heart desires. They are committed to giving you the tools you need to fulfill that desire. Your goal may be to make a larger income and still be able to spend time with your family, or just save a little extra for your retirement. No matter what your goal is you can achieve it with a company that truly cares about their consultants success, because ultimately, they know while they may own the company they are consultants just like you. the only difference is time and the work they have put in. 

Raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, Stacey was instilled with mid-western values. She grew up always wanting to be a business owner. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Stacey realized starting a business of her own took money and experience she didn’t have and she quickly became disillusioned with the corporate world.

Paul was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He was adopted at a very young age by incredible parents and early on, was instilled with a desire to help others. While Stacey was a great student and was able to grasp the concept of getting good grades, Paul took a different path. After high school and a brief attempt at college, Paul ended up waiting tables at a prestigious country club in the heart of Texas. This is where Paul discovered wealth and success made a decision that some day, he would be able to afford a country club membership, instead of simply working for one.

Fortunately, Paul & Stacey were introduced to the Direct Sales industry.